5 Things to do in Autumn in Lebanon

After many months of heat, it’s time for everyone to cool down and go back to their routine. That doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! We strongly believe that fun should also be part of everyone’s routine. If you’re with us on this, keep reading for things to do in Autumn in Lebanon:

  1. Wine tours - there are so many we recommend! You can spend your day in the winery, tasting wine and eating good food. Kids are also welcome as they can run around and enjoy the freedom of the vineyards.
  2. Taanayel and Bekaa. This road trip is so worth a weekend! The Bekaa area feels magical during the Autumn season. You can also make it a nice getaway by booking a night’s stay at Al Hosh. Make sure you stop by the pumpkin stand and snap a nice souvenir photo.
  3. Hike in the forests that are changing colors and making room for fresher days. A hiking day will heal you during Autumn in Lebanon. The cooler temperatures and the feel of nature after a long Summer have a special power. Don’t you agree?
  4. Brunch in Beirut with friends you haven’t sat with for a while. So many brunch spots we love in Beirut! Meet up with friends and spend hours talking about life while having great food!
  5. Go to a Sunday farmers’ market and stock up on yummy mouneh for the colder months (Souk et Tayeb are currently on our minds!

Any other things you like to do in Lebanon during the Autumn season?