Drive Green Campaign

A greener Lebanon is something that we strive for, and given that we’re actively seeking to offset our carbon footprint, we never shy away from any green opportunity, and our track record proves it: thousands of trees have been planted in many locations across Lebanon by our Carbon Free Journey initiative.

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We Drive You Happy

Welcome to Advanced Car Rental


Established in 2001 by the Younis family, part of a great automotive legacy that goes back to 1957, Advanced Car today...

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Our Services


Our years of experience have taught us to be always ready, we’re aiming at anticipating your needs...

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Rent a car for a month or more and get a leasing price and service with no commitments and no penalties.

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Meet our superheroes

We understand how much of a hassle finding a parking spot in Beirut can be and how much you would hate being stuck behind the wheel for hours in traffic. That’s why we’re here to save the day! Sit back, relax, and let our superhero drivers take you anywhere you’d like!

Book any of our cars with a driver by sending us an e-mail to or calling us now on +961 3 500 855. Please note that all of our drivers hold a public transportation license, are certified in defensive driving and basic first aid, and undergo a yearly medical check.

Here are some of our superheroes who are here to make your life easier!